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If you are in a hurry or in need of an immediate writer for an article that you need to upload or submit, then I am your best choice! Writing is my passion and I am willing to help you in your article needs. I have been writing for a lot of clients and on various niches for 2 years now, and I assure you that I am capable and with enough experience to serve you. Check feedback from previous clients to affirm this.

For this job, I can give you One (1) article composed of 500 words. You can provide me the title, or topic, or keywords to jump start the job. I will then notify you if I have started the job. For all of my articles, I always do data gathering and research. This is to provide more information and validate all data included in the article. Meaning you will get a creative, original, and accurate article for only P199.

Aside from that, what's unique about this job order is that it will be delivered within 6 hours max! That will be less than a day! It will help you meet that deadline.

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Reading is my life while writing is my passion. I love writing, and sharing what I've written....
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