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Well-researched, factual, and top-quality articles within 24 hours. You can expect content that scores 99 on Grammarly Premium and 100% uniqueness on Plagiarism Detectors.

You can choose the type of article you want, in what tone, and other specification you want added to the article. All for P199 per 400 words.

I offer the following writing services:

• SEO content writing
• blogging
• copywriting
• proofreading
• ghostwriting
• scriptwriting
• email marketing

More info

Hi! I am Carlos, a professional writer 4 years of experience.

I have written and edited a wide range of materials, including articles, marketing copy, social media content, and more. Here are some of the websites I wrote for.

• Palame Publishing for Mental Health and Brain Health topics (March – July 2019)
• YachtBible.com for Luxury Yachts and Rich People (July -December 2019)
• Ariat.com for Product Descriptions for their Boots and Shoes (January – February 2020)
• GlobalFraudProtection.com for Website Reviews (January – February 2020)
• Pickleball Insiders for Pickleball Paddles (February 2020)
• Guest Posts for several websites
• InformedCyclist.com for Surferseo-optimized product reviews about bikes (May 2020- September 2020)
• SimplyLightFixtures.com for Surfer-Seo optimized product blog posts about light fixtures (August – November 2020)
• InsideOutJoys.com for health and wellness blogs (September – December 2020)
• Soundgearlab.com for SurferSeo-optimized market copy about sound gear (March 2021- December 2022)
• Electricwheel.com for SurferSeo-optimized market copy about electric bikes (March 2021- December 2022)

Here is my experience with writing tools that would give me an edge over other writers.
• I know editing and uploading in WordPress
• I have experience using SurferSeo
• I am knowledgeable in Google Docs and Google Drive
• I have experience using Canva Premium
• I also have experience with backlinking

I have also finished writing courses and English language quizzes such as:
• Cambridge English Language Assessment- C2 (advanced)
• Creative Writing Specialization on Coursera
• Secret Sauce of Great Writing on Udemy
• Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing on Udemy
• The Complete Freelance Writing Course on Udemy

Safe to say, I can write any type of article on any topic that you want. So what are you waiting for? Let's discuss the job details more.

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