I can write social media contents, storylines and anyyhing related to blogs

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Buyers will definitely received a good quality of outputs and I believe that with my extra expertise knowledge about the topic, business, blogs, social media will move on its peak

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In a young age of 17, I am able to make my own kind of marketing plan and business plan. Now I'm 18 and I 'd like to produce money from the fruits of my hard works and efforts.

Being a newbie should not be concerned as long as the quality of work is done accordingly. I may not be the 'perfect' employee but I am ensuring my works is done with attitude, values and ethics. I also expect my clients to deal with me in a friendly manners. My job should also include my responsibility to suggest stuffs to the betterment of the output.

My job is more online and still I am a student in a young age. I hope not to engage with people who mischief others.

And real life meetings will not also be part of my job.

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Hello! I am Aira, at a very young age I start making my own career which is writing. I know...
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