I can write up to 30 page papers, carefully researched at a negotiable price.

Quality research guaranteed. Writing is an expertise to be shared.

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Do you have research papers, product reviews, business email, cover letters, or essays that you want to be proofread professionally? You have come to the right place!

Here are the excellent benefits and services you will enjoy:

1. Diligently researched and well-formulated paper.
2. Proofread and edited work, free of charge.
3. Pay close attention to details.
4. Provide references and citations, as needed.
5. Revise for improvement until the job meets requirements & you are satisfied

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I am experienced in research, writing and teaching English communication skills.Being well versed with the English language and having ten years of experience in writing and research makes it easier to get your writing needs done promptly. I am well conversant to referencing and in-text citation formats like APA. I greatly enjoy my work and my passion for teaching, doing research and writing will ensure you get excellent and scholarly work. My PhD in Management gives me the academic background and broader knowledge spanning specialized areas. My knowledge, skills, background coupled with also being technology savvy may complement and supplement what you are looking for. Editing or proofreading will be part of the package, free of charge. Yes, I would be willing to go the extra mile, with the necessary skills, until both the customers and I are completely satisfied.

Job does not include digital design and graphic presentations.

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