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Imagine your story being written on the pages of books sold out in bookstores. Imagine your story as the topic of someone's English essay. That could be yours and I wanna help make that happen.

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Hi There! I'm Emily

As and avid reader, I've always wanted to be part of the stories of the books I read, albeit I know its not always possible when it comes to fictional stories. Then I realized, these stories were made by people who have been able to experience that of the tales one way or another. These are the writers, authors, story tellers, whose stories were set on paper and given to the world for all the people to see, feel and love.

I want to be part of that. I want to help you and for your story to be heard. I can help in any way I can for you to be able to publish your work. From typing, transcribing, proofreading to editing. I am here to help you make your voice heard in a clear, precise, honest way in order to capture the hearts of those who read it and to aid those who need it.

since books / life stories are long, I hope to expect cooperation and patience from the client in order to finish your work swiftly and precisely.

I am open to subjective (story-telling) and objective (technical or research-based books). Other specifics may be negotiated and discussed during the process.

other specifics such as budget may also be negotiated and discussed.

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Hi there! I'm Emily! I can help you write any type of literary piece you wish that can be customized...
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