Customer Testimonials

These are just a few of the guys who inspire us to keep on working on 199Jobs. To you guys: thanks a bunch! We could not have done this without you!
Good job with this awesome idea! Also, honestly… I get addicted to browsing jobs from the site… I think in a span of one day, I have engaged to 3 sellers… Really cool!
– chareyes
@199jobs is the bomb! Site is very helpful! Rock on!
– micamyx via twitter
By the way, this website is a gift. I am so glad, I found the perfect result for my needs. You’re the best. I am so happy with your service here.
– chriselizrida
Andami akong nakuhang replies, your job site is so effective and halos lahat online. You know I love your site talaga and I found a wonderful graphics girl. She solves my ebook probs in under an hour.
– sheilacasaclang
Quick customer support and great sellers! I couldn’t ask for more. :)
– Marge
Happy with my current transactions with @199jobs :D
– angelirecella via twitter
Parang odesk pero mas simplified and its great! 
– HervieF
199jobs makes my life so much easier. We can offload a lot of easy redundant tasks which saves us a lot of time.
– jeffreysiy

Just want to say congratulations and thank you to Sir Glen and Sir Fitz and to all the men and women behind 199jobs, malaki po ang naitulong ninyo sa akin and I really appreciate it. Thanks again.
– josemariedeleon

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Photo credit: aloha75