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Hello! I am Crewenna 21 years old, at a very young age I already started my passion for blogging. I know that I must not limit myself to the thing I am passionate about so I am trying to explore new things like freelancing. I am currently a Marketing Management student and a Content Creator.
I've been very confident to my skills and I believe that I have that potential in working online.

I know that I am this aspiring freelancer, a newbie one, but I understand as well that I am very passionate on what I do. And all my works are done accordingly to the result of my hard works.

More about me:
- I do brand collaborations/campaigns on Instragram
- I do blogging here at

The following are the things I do:
- Edit photos/videos
- Create good quality posters using Canva
- Content creation

♡ I hope to work with you in the very best I can. ♡

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