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A ghost writer here!

Send me your requests and I'll do the best to give you what you want :D

Just a background, I have been doing sporadic ghostwriting gigs since 2017. My work ranges from writing content for blogs and product overview. I enjoyed writing for travel blogs the most.

My day-time job involves a lot of writing. However, it is more on the technical side. I rarely get the chance to be creative. And, through this side hustle, I can do that.

I'm doing this more of a hobby than a job so, I hope you could be all lenient, as to the time, with me. :P

I respond to messages on the following schedule:
weekdays - 7pm to 11pm
weekends - 9am to 6pm

Well, that's all for now and hope to work with you soon!

You friendly GhostWriterXXX