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I am a freelance writer and an editor. I can write and edit all types of work, but specialize in academic, creative, and narrative writing. I am keen on the tone of essays, and like to infer what my reader would be thinking. I am particular about target audience and specific messages, so I like to have discussions with clients.

I took Psychology as my major, so I can write, edit, consult, and do work in that field. I can also do work involving other topics, like physical and social sciences, philosophy, art, literature, music, theatre, food, travel, and more. I have experience in research, so learning about new topics is no problem.

I can also design posters, invitations, infographics, layouts, and promotions. If necessary, I can create charts, tables, and graphs that could be used in any sort of presentation or paper. I am very experienced at creating Keynotes / Powerpoints as well.

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