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Hello and welcome my profile!

I am a writer with experience in making content for magazines, book reviews and PR blog posts.

The services I offer are:
1. Copywriting/ Proofreading
2. Content writing (Academic & Creative)
3. Transcription
4. Translation (Filipino/Tagalog to English)

If you're a student, a beginner or someone looking to market their business, I can help you produce great high-quality, fresh-off-the-press content at an affordable price!

I have been a writer for most of my life, and I started blogging at the age of 9. Writing is my calling in life, and it is through which I express my whole self. Therefore, I consider it to be my craft; not just a passing hobby.

And now I'm trying to face the competitive world of online freelancing, so I use my free time to hone my skills in order to improve myself and provide a better service.

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