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My name is John Paul Quiambao. I am a Registered Nurse who grew up in a Middle Class family. Ever since I was a kid, I was always told to study hard and find a stable high earning job when I grow up. Having 2 older siblings in the medical profession who earn their monthly salary every month, I always thought that my path in life was the same as theirs. That was until I reach 23. I learned what my passion in life is. I realized that my path was different from my siblings. I realized that job security is not enough. I realized that there was a different world that I want to explore. I just needed to "jumpstart." My goal is to be an entrepreneur and that is why you can be assured that I will be delivering the best service that I provide you. Join me, "Jumpstart" and explore. The world where possibilities never run out. The world we call “The world of Entrepreneurship".