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Hi! As you can see in my profile, I haven't sold any order yet. It is because I am a first-time freelancer here though I joined years ago. I was inactive since when I registered here and finally decided to open this account this month because of my financial needs. I am a graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Education and currently taking a weekend review for the upcoming LET which means that I might not be available on weekends morning and afternoon. WHAT PROBLEMS DO I LOVE TO SOLVE? HELPING is in my nature. It's makes me feel that I am not a worthless person in the society and that is why I'm doing sidelines (to help my parents). WHAT TASKS AM I CAPABLE OF? 1. Digital Artworks such as cards, tarps, banner, logo and photo editing. 2. Typing jobs such as doing an article, essay, e-book, research (editing also). By reading this, you now have the information you need! Thanks! ❤