Free Software Tools to Use for Home-Based Work

The secret to continuous success in working from home is to make yourself indispensable to the client.

Employers are delighted with staff who gets the job done with speed and quality. To do this easier, you’ll need tools such as software and applications that will increase your productivity and efficiency.

But what if the client has no budget for expensive and licensed programs? Here then are some alternative tools you can download, install, and use for free.

Office suite
Popular office suites such as Microsoft Office can be expensive and impractical if you only need basic features for text, spreadsheet, and presentations for work. Free office suites are available and can be download on your computer. You can check out Libre Office and OpenOffice. These office suites are less powerful and streamlined, but still gets the job done.

Photo editing software
Some clients require editing photos from their employees, but the price of the best photo editing software have skyrocketed. Luckily, GIMP is a free. It takes time getting used to since the user interface is different, but once mastered, photo editing will be a breeze.

Video editing software
The Windows operating system has Movie Maker pre-installed. Videos with basic effects and spliced music can be created and exported in different formats. For Macintosh users, there’s always the built-in iMovie and Quicktime which you can use.

PDF printers
The PDF format has increased in use over the years. One reason for this is that it’s hard to manipulate without the right tools. Some clients require converting text files into PDF. There are a lot of PDF printers and converters to choose from, some of them are free while others have premium features that needs to be paid. Popular free PDF printers include Bullzip, CutePDF, and DoPDF.

File sharing software
Working online means going paperless, therefore there is no need for a hard copy of any document (unless specified). The client, however, would want to have a copy, too. File sharing programs such as Dropbox and Sugarsync allow collaboration, and the files are always at reach by both parties when needed. Quick tip: always inform the client before accessing a file to avoid file conflicts and duplication.

Password manager
Some clients access multiple website as tools for their business. More often than not, these sites require login credentials. Keeping tab of several passwords is confusing. Luckily there are browser programs that can manage the passwords. These programs are relatively secure, requiring a master password before they can be used. Lastpass, LogMeOnce, and RoboForms are some of the popular and effective password managers in the market today.

There are other wonderful free tools and applications that will enhance your work experience. The important thing is to use them to your great advantage. Impress the client by your mastery of these programs, and soon enough they will see how essential you are to the growth of their business.

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