How to Sell in 5 Easy Steps


Step 1: Log In to your account

Log In or use to create an account quick and easy.


Step 2: Create a Job

At 199Jobs, a “job” is the service you’ll sell. It’s what you will do to earn money here.

To create a job, just click Offer Your Services at the footer of the page.



Step 3: Complete your job details

Provide as much information about the job that you’ll offer. Jobs with clear and complete details tend to receive more orders from Buyers.


Step 4: Post the job

After completing the job details, double check everything and then click the Post The Job! button and you’re done!


Step 5: Promote your job

If you want to get more orders, you should spread the word about your job. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Email your friends about it. Remember that every bit helps.


Got questions? Here are our answers, just for you!