How to Buy in 6 Easy Steps


Step 1: Log In to your account

Log In or use to create an account quick and easy.


Step 2: Search for Sellers

Those who offer their services here are called Sellers. They post “jobs”, which are the things that they can do for you.

You can search for Sellers by:

  1. Using the search box
  2. Browsing jobs by categories
  3. Posting a job request
  4. Browsing through the whole marketplace



Step 3: Select a Job

Click on the job to read more about it. Here you can see:

  1. What the Seller will do, including work samples
  2. Delivery times, job rating and other details on the Seller
  3. Feedback from previous Buyers, if there’s any



Step 4: Buy the Job

Click the Order Now (P199) button to buy the job. This will take you to the checkout page.

Pay for the job with Store Credits (recommended), or via Paypal. Read our Buyer and Seller Protection policy to learn why you need to pay upfront.


Step 5: Message the Seller

After paying, you’ll see this screen that confirms your order was successfully placed.


Send a message to the Seller using our messaging system to give further instructions about the job.



Step 6: Mark the job as completed

Once the work is sent and you’re okay with it, just click Mark as Completed to release the payment to the Seller and you’re done!



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