How to Buy from 199Jobs


🔎 Step 1: Browse the site

Those who offer their services here are called Sellers. They post “jobs”, which are the things that they can do for you. Feel free to browse to see what our Sellers offer.

There are many ways to browse the site:

  1. Use the search box
  2. Discover jobs by category
  3. Read our blog
  4. Learn how the site works.

✒️ Step 2: Create an account

, or Sign Up to create an account quick and easy.

If you already have an account, just Log In here.


📮 Step 3: Post a Request

Starting a new project? Make the Sellers come to you and Post a Request. Describe the task you want to get done and how much you’re willing to pay.

🗣 Step 4: Reply to Sellers

Once the Sellers start messaging you, get to know them better. When you’ve found someone who fits your needs, tap on the link at the top of the conversation to go to their job and place an order.

TIP: If you’d like a custom job done, you can tap on the Custom Order link in the chat.
Go here to learn how Custom Orders work.

TIP #2: You can also ask the seller to send a link to the job + custom add-on for the work you want done. Tap on that link to go to checkout and pay for your new order.

IMPT!! Sellers will only start work after you order.

💳 Step 5: Buy the Job

The Seller’s job describes:

  1. What the Seller can do for you, including work samples
  2. Delivery times, job rating and other job details
  3. Feedback from previous Buyers, if there’s any

Once you’ve reviewed the job, tap the Order Now button to buy the job.

TIP: If you want to upgrade your order, tap on “Upgrade your Order!” then check off the add-ons you want to grab. You can also choose to buy multiple orders by tapping on the dropdown beside “, please”.

Now when you’re at the checkout area, pay for the job through Store Credits (you can buy credits via bank deposit), credit card, or PayPal.

Please read our Buyer and Seller Protection policy to learn why buyers need to pay upfront for jobs.

🤝 Step 6: Stay in Touch

After paying, you’ll see this screen that confirms your order was successfully placed.

Send a message to the Seller using our messaging system to stay in touch and give further instructions about the job.

✅ Step 7: Mark the job as completed

Once the work is sent and you’re okay with it, tap Mark as Completed to release the payment to the Seller and you’re done!

PS: Don’t forget to give Feedback to the Seller afterwards!

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